Vacuum Truck Scrubbers

Envent’s equipment fleet includes the most cost effective and advanced Vacuum Truck Scrubbers in the industry.  New regulations add mobile-unit vapors to the emissions limits for an entire facility – which makes high-efficiency mobile scrubbing an absolute necessity.  Third-party testing confirms that Envent mobile units deliver destruction efficiencies of 99+%.  For full details on all of our scrubbers and scrubber chemistry and carbon services, go to

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Envent mobile scrubbers safely control vapors using liquid scrubbers, oxidizers and media filtration, depending on the product(s) being handled.  Our services include:

  • Vacuum truck vapor/odor control systems
  • Liquid scrubbers for sour and acid gasses (Escrub with VapoScrub chemistry)
  • Industrial carbon filters for vessel and pipeline purging
  • Tank odor control and vapor control units (100% efficient)
  • 100 – 6000 CFM Blowers for odor/vapor control
  • High volume blowers for tank entry
  • Solvent and chemical scrubbers
  • Super high volume scrubber units (6000 CFM Liquid Ring, “Super Suckers” and “Gap Vacs”)
  • Custom assembled scrubber systems for a variety of vapor problems
  • Maintenance, Startup & Shutdown (MSS) compliant systems
  • Engineering & testing to certify the right system is deployed to the jobsite

Other Envent advantages include:

  • Assured grounding & bonding program
  • Advanced flame arrestors, temperature monitoring gauges and alarm systems
  • Assured compliance monitoring & recording program
  • High temperature nitrogen purge safety systems
  • Steel piping or anti-static ducting/hose (no PVC or ADS!)
  • Safety Certified HAZOP’d systems
  • Permitting in most air districts

Vacuum Truck Scrubber FACTS & FAQs

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